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Our Portfolio

Projection Mapping, LED Pixel Mapping, Live VJ, Interactive Dance Production, Sound Design, Stage Design #studioZ_bd Always willing to attempt venturing boldly into Uncharted territories with prototype technological solutions to any challenge, StudioZ is always focused on expanding its diverse repertoire of services, and constantly improving upon the ones it currently offers. Studio Z believes in setting benchmarks with every production only so that they can be exceeded in the future by their own creations.

About Studioz

Studio Z aims to bring the wonders of digital art to life into the physical world, in the form of immersive audiovisual experiences, using cutting-edge technologies like #ProjectionMapping, #LEDPixelMapping, #VJing, #LightDesign, #Holography and #SynchronizedProduction.

A Bangladesh-based collective of artists, designers, producers and tech wizards, the founders of Studio Z pioneered 3D projection mapping and LED pixel mapping in Bangladesh, along with synchronized light shows and immersive stage LED visuals for live performances and productions. The studio even developed and created a vast number of remotely executable mixed reality projects.

Whether you need national and corporate events, concerts, museum experiences, expos or even purely digital productions, Studio Z has the ability to craft it for you.

Do you have any question?

Do you have any question?