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3D Projection Mapping Service

StudioZ is an experiential live production design company that is headed by the pioneer 3D projection mapping production installation and production creators and engineer in Bangladesh, featured in multiple mainstream news media, that builds attractive light projection setups.

We do the creation of projects such as 360° screens, dome projections, and creative building projection mapping, whether it’s a creative audiovisual presentation or a challenging environmental simulation. Architectural projection mapping is our specialty.

StudioZ is a professional and creative company that specializes in 3D projection mapping events, both temporary and long-term. We help leading brands of all sorts envision, develop and implement innovative digital experiences.

Our experienced team assembles projection mapping events that blend art and design together. We break limitations, thrill audiences, and inspire them. We work with thinkers and creators from a variety of mediums and fields.

Let us be a part of your legacy as well, because we have a passion for bringing untold stories to light.

How to do Projection Mapping

What is 3D Projection Mapping?

3d projection mapping studioz

3D projection mapping is the process of projecting an image or light onto a three-dimensional surface. The image can be anything, from a logo to a video. Projection mapping can be used to create a variety of effects, including 3D images, videos, and light shows.

With projection mapping, everything becomes a canvas on which you can paint whatever you choose. You can fully modify the colour, feel, and geometry of anything.

A projection mapping expert can use moving pictures to create stunning illusions that enthrall live audiences and leave them with lasting memories of the event.

Why Projection Mapping?

There are a number of reasons why businesses might choose to use projection mapping. Some of the benefits include the ability to create engaging and interactive displays, making an event more memorable, and reaching a wider audience.

Projection mapping is a visual celebration, a unique form of fireworks, a unique form of entertainment with a massive wow factor. It allows you the unique opportunity to draw in enormous crowds and immerse them in engaging exhibitions and inspiring sights, even from afar.

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Why Choose Us?

We are experts at projection mapping and can provide a high-quality projection mapping experience for your event. We have a wide range of projection mapping equipment and software, and we can even create custom content for your event. We also have extensive experience in event production and can help you with every aspect of your event.

We are confident that our stunning colors and meticulous attention to detail would be sure to grab your attention, whatever your fantasies may demand. Our expertise with both small and large projects speaks for itself.

So, if you feel projection mapping can be useful for you as well as your company, don’t wait. Leave your customers in a state of awe. They’ll be amazed.

Our Projection Mapping Experience

At our projection mapping company, we have a team of experienced professionals who can help you create a stunning projection mapping display. We have worked with a vast number of customers, including businesses, event planners, and artists.

How much does projection mapping cost?

The cost of projection mapping varies based on the project’s scale and complexity. For pricing information, please contact us.

Do you have any question?

Do you have any question?