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An award-winning industry-leading technological standard around the world for perfectly synchronized massive-scale video presentations using display devices of any type, Dataton WATCHOUT is a true game-changer, and Studio Z is proud to be the only authorized partner of Dataton in Bangladesh, with a crew of certified professionals and technicians. Combining vast arrays of projectors or LED panels with standard computer and networking protocols, WATCHOUT can be used to create magnificent and breathtaking presentations of any imaginable size. Be it images projected on the faces of skyscrapers and monuments, on massive screens that span the widths of stadiums or on a uniquely shaped LED wall, WATCHOUT can bring out every frame of every show with sparkling clarity without any loss of quality. This is made possible by the fact that WATCHOUT does not rely on compromises in terms of throughput, thus ensuring that the full resolution of every device in its network is being fully utilized at all times.
WATCHOUT automatically blends overlapping edges of projections and its built-in support for mesh-warping geometry correction ensures that the curvature of any screen does not distort the appearance of the projection in any way. WATCHOUT also supports live video feeds from cameras, and can readily accept any kind of visual input with minimal latency.

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