Virtual/Mixed Reality ProductionsVirtual/Mixed Reality Productions
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The advent of COVID-19 gave rise to a whole host of innovations to work around the challenges of being quarantined in isolation and hosting high-quality shows and events that do not even require physical venues became such a breakthrough in recent years.
While such technologies have been around for years, largely in piecemeal form, only very recently have they become technologically viable and affordable outside large-scale production houses. Using high-end studio-grade hardware and professional-tier software, Studio Z is capable of compositing live video streams of remote guests and individuals from any video-supported device (ranging from cinematographic multi-camera setups to mobile phones and webcams) into fantastic virtual environments in real-time as integral parts of virtually hosted shows, with perfect light-wrapping and flawless background removal. Want to conduct a talent hunt in the middle of an active volcano on a remote tropical island, or create a neon-embellished Tron-like set for your next big podcast? Anything is possible in these virtual productions, which push the thresholds of what can be done with technology to the next level. In these mixed-reality productions, the personnel being composited can even interact from their own devices by remotely watching audience members, answering questions and responding to messages from viewers.

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