Product/Service Launching - Live EventsProduct/Service Launching ՞ Live Events
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With corporate launch events for new products and services being held frequently by MNCs and local companies alike, along with grand national events, it has never been more important to visually stand out, and Studio Z uses the latest technologies to make these shows memorable beyond belief. Multiple meetings are held with the client to clearly establish an exact idea of what is required by the client, and a fully scripted story is developed based on the takeaways of the meeting. This story outlines every aspect of the launch in great detail, and upon being confirmed, a complete timeline of the script is generated, along with rudimentary audiovisual cues. Upon confirmation, the production of the launch is initiated by Studio Z. A launch event may incorporate pre-produced elements or live performances, and may even combine both aspects in a uniquely synergized way. For the performance aspects of launches, Studio Z works with highly skilled and professional performers with established portfolios in order to ensure maximum quality. The pre-produced components of the launch are all developed in-house by a dedicated team of designers, artists and animators, who bring together a truly impressive repertoire of skills to make the magic happen. The unified production is deployed at the launch event using state-of-the-art technology to maintain visual fidelity and chronological perfection.

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