Large Venue ProjectionLarge Venue Projection
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Large venues call for larger-than-life experiences, and very few things scream larger-than-life than a massive video projection, one as wide as 70′ and as tall as 44′. Such a projection can be used for anything — be it displaying stunning animations aiming to mesmerize audiences, videos shot in glorious ultra-high-definition resolutions, or even real-time live feeds from cameras in the venue, blown up to gigantic proportions. While such large venue projections are typically executed using very powerful projectors, they can also be done using LED walls, which are comprised of stacked rows of hundreds of luminous LED panels. These large venue projections can also be used as standalone central setpieces, or as backdrops for other performances being enacted by performers. Large venue projections are considered mainstays of international events, such as open-air sporting events like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics, or star-studded award ceremonies like the Academy Awards, where they contribute immensely to the vastness of the events’ execution by towering above the rest of the proceedings. Instead of being limited to specific locations like movie theaters, large venue projections can be set up in any place that is large enough to accommodate their presence and the end results are always worth the space required

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