Experiential Installations - Expo/MuseumExperiential Installations ՞ Expo/Museum
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Studio Z excels at designing unique interactive installations for museums, fairs and any other venues that spectators and visitors can directly interact with and receive responses from. These experiential installations often end up becoming the most popular aspect of an event because of the highly personal nature of their output, which makes every user feel individually recognized and appreciated. Take, for instance, an augmented reality photo booth installation where a visitor can have his/her photos taken with spectacular special effects being superimposed upon them in real-time, an automated system designed to provide interesting information to inquisitive visitors at exhibitions and explosions, or even a proximity-activated display that comes to life and plays specific messages when a visitor approaches it. Whether such an installation is a decorative setpiece, a generic marketing kiosk, a survey or data collection mechanism, a unique digital advertisement platform, a motion-sensitive augmented reality booth or a space-limited virtual reality experience, it can be conceptualized, programmed and executed by Studio Z’s talented team of designers, technicians and contractors. Instead of resorting to cookie-cutter predesigned solutions, Studio Z’s experiential installations are specifically customized for the individual requirements of every client from the ground up, making them truly special.

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